Sunday, January 11, 2009

Add a forward DNS lookup zone

Forward lookup DNS zones are used to provide resolution of host names to their P addresses.
The following illustrates adding a forward dns lookup zone.
1. Assume the dns server is "dnsserver2003", domain is "" and the zone to be created is "".
2. Open DNS Manager by typing the command dnsmgmt.msc on command line.
3. In the console tree, right-click on DNS server "dnsserver2003" , and click New Zone.
4. Select "Primary Zone" option in zone type dialog and click next.
5. Select "To all dns servers in Active Directory domain" in Active Directory zone replication scope dialog.
6. Select "forward Lookup Zone" option in Forward or Reverse Look up dialog.
7. Enter zone name "" in ZoneName dialog and click next. The Zone name should be domain name or portion of the domain name.
8. Select "Do not allow dynamic updates" in Dynamic Update Dialog and click next
9. Verify the settings in "Completing the new zone wizard" dialog and click finish.
To create the same on command prompt, then do follow the link Create Forward Lookup Zone on command line


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