Monday, January 12, 2009

Add DNS stub soze

A DNS stub zone is merely a copy of the zone that contains only the resource records which are necessary to identify the authoritative name servers for that zone. stub zones are used to resolve DNS domain names among different DNS namespaces,

The following following describes stub zone creation.

1. Open DNS Manager by typing dnsmgmt.msc on command prompt
2. In the console tree, right-click on DNS server "dnsserver2003" , and click New Zone.
3. Select "Stub Zone" option. If you want to integrate the stub zone into Active Directory Domain Services(AD DS), then select "Store the zone In Active Directory" option and click next.

4. select "To All domain controllers in Active Directory domain mydnstest" in Active Directory zone replication scope dialog and click next
5. Select either forward lookup or reverse lookup option in lookup dialog and click next
6. Enter zone name "" in ZoneName dialog and click next. The Zone name should be domain name or portion of the domain name.
7. Enter the dns server ip address from which zone information can be obtained in Master Dns Servers dialog and click next.
8. Verify the settings in stub zone summary wizard and click finish

9. Thus completes the creation of stub zone.


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