Sunday, March 1, 2009

Netdom - Verify Trust

It is often needed to verify a trust relationship, particularly external trust relationship, is working properly before using any cross domain network resources. To verify a trust on command line. do the following.

1. Assume the trusting and trusted domains are "" and "" respectively and passwords are "Mydns123" and "Myforest123".
2. Now run the below command to verify the external trust.

netdom trust /
/userd:myforesttest\Administrator /Passwordd:Myforest123 /usero:myrootdns2003\Administrator /passwordo:Mydns123 /verify

3. To verify trust relationship between Active Directory based windows domain and non-windows realm kerberos domain (Assume the kerberos realm password is "Mytrust123"), run

netdom trust /
/userd:myforesttest\Administrator /Passwordd:Myforest123 /usero:myrootdns2003\Administrator /passwordo:Mydns123 /verify /Passwordt:Mytrust123


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