Sunday, March 1, 2009

Create SRV record

Service (SRV) record. Allows administrators to use several servers for a single DNS domain, to easily move a TCP/IP service from one host to another host with administration, and to designate some service provider hosts as primary servers for a service and other hosts as backups. DNS clients that use a SRV-type query ask for a specific TCP/IP service and protocol mapped to a specific DNS domain and receive the names of any available servers.

The following shows on how to create SRV record

1. Assume the dns server is "dnsserver2003" and dns zone to which the srv record to be added is ""
2. Open dns management snap-in console using the command dnsmgmt.msc.
3. In the console tree, go to the dns zone "", right click on it and select "other new records"
4. Select "Service Location (SRV)" in new resource record type dialog and click "Create Record" button.
5. Enter the SRV server details in new resource record dialog, and select "Allow any authenticated user to update all dns records with the same name" check box and click ok.
6. Thus creates new srv record.


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