Sunday, March 1, 2009

netdom - reset trust

If a trust relationship between two domain is broken, then it is necessary to reset the trust. netdom.exe is a command tool which can be used to reset the trust. Follow the steps below to reset the trust.

1. Assume the trust exists between the domains "" and "". Passwords of both the domains are "Mydns123" and "Myforest123" respectively.
2. Now run the below command to reset trust.

netdom trust / /userd:myforesttest\Administrator /passwordd:Myforest123 /usero:myrootdns2003\Administrator /passwordo:Mydns123 /reset

3. If the trust is between windows domain and non-windows realm (kerberos) , then run the below command to reset the trust,

netdom trust / /userd:myforesttest\Administrator /passwordd:Myforest123 /usero:myrootdns2003\Administrator /passwordo:Mydns123 /reset /Passwordt:Mytrust123

Note, the passwordt has to be provided to reset the trust with Kerber0s realm.


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