Saturday, February 28, 2009

Register SRV Record

By Default, SRV records are automatically created one the domain controller is installed.
If srv records not found or invalid, try the following mitigation to manually register dns srv records.

1. Restart NetLogon server on domain controller (DC).
2. If step 1 fails, then run dcdiag /fix and check srv records are registered.
3. if both 1 and 2 fails, run netdiag /fix on domain controller.
4. if , 2 and 3 fails, then try manually editing netlogon.dns. i.e add srv record to netlogin.dns as shown below.
After editing the netlogon.dns file, reload the dns zone as shown below.

If none of the above works, still one can register srv records, by recreating dns zone. Follow the instructions shown below to recreate dns zone.

1. Assume the dns zone is ""
2. Open dns management console using dnsmgmt.msc command.
3. In the dns console tree, go to forward lookup zones, right click on dns zone. "" and click delete.

4.After deleting dns zone, right click on "forward lookup zones" and select "newzone" and follow the steps to recreate same dns zone. i.e dns zone with name ""
5. while re creating new zone, “Allow Secure and Non Secure Dynamic updates" option in dynamic updates dialog.
6.Now restart netlogon service.


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