Friday, February 20, 2009

Raise Functionality Level of a Windows Server 2003 on command line

The following illustrates changing domain functionality level on command line.
1. Assume the domain is "".
2. Create a file raise_domain_func_level.ldf with the following contents
changetype: modify
replace: msDS-Behavior-Version
msDS-Behavior-Version: 2
3. Now run the following command to change the functionality level.
ldifde -i -f raise_domain_func_level.ldf

4. Alternatively, admod tool can also be used to change functionality level.
admod -b dc=myrootdns2003,dc=com "msDS-Behavior-Version::2"

5. Also using vbscript functionality level cab be changed, The following snippet changes functionality level to windows 2003.

strDomain = ""
' ------ END CONFIGURATION ---------

set objDomain = GetObject("LDAP://" & strDomain)
if objDomain.Get("msDS-Behavior-Version") <>
Wscript.Echo "Changing domain to
Windows Server 2003 functional level … "
objDomain.Put "msDS-Behavior-Version", 2
Wscript.Echo "Domain already at Windows Server 2003 functional level "
end if


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