Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Join domain using netdom

The following illustrates on how to join a domain on command line.

1. Assume the domain to be joined is "myrootdns2003.com", machine name which is going to join domain "myrootdns2003.com" is "dnsclient", domain user account name is "Administrator" and password is "Mydns123", dnsclient machine user account and password is "Administrator" and "dnsclient123"

2. Now run the following command to add the machine "dnsclient" to the domain "myrootdns2003.com"

netdom join dnsclient /domain:myrootdns.com /userd:Administrator /passwordd:Mydns123 /usero:Administrator /passwordo:dnsclient123

To specify the reboot time (say 100 secs) after joining domain, run

netdom join dnsclient /domain:myrootdns.com /userd:Administrator /Passwordd:Mydns123 /usero:Administrator /passwordo:dnsclient123 /REBoot:100
The reboot message box comes up

1. Check the domain "myrootdns2003.com" and FQDN dnsserver2003.myrootdns2003.com is pingable from dnsclient machine.
2. Sometimes firewall blocks from joining domain. So Check the firewall is disabled before joining.

NetDom needs access to ports 135 and 139 for joining domain. Check that the target domain machine listens on these ports.
4. Check the reg key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system\EnableLUA to 1
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