Sunday, February 15, 2009

IPV6 Host Type AAAA Record

The AAAA resource record maps domain host name with it's IPv6 address.

The following shows creating AAAA record.
1. Assume the dnsserver on which to create AAAA is "dnsserver", domain zone is "" and IPv6 to be added ::(Local Address)
2. Open Dns Manager using the command "dnsmgmt.msc".
3. In the console tree, go to the dns zone "", right click on zone and select "Other New Records".
4. In Resource Record Type dialog, select "IPv6 Host(AAAA)" List item and click Create Record.

5. Enter :: (Local IPv6 Address) in new resource record dialog, click OK

6. Click "Done" in Resource Record Type Dialog

7. Verify the Type AAAA created in dns manager snap-in.
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