Saturday, February 14, 2009

Create Host AAAA record using dnscmd

The following shows on how to add Type AAAA resource record to a dns through command prompt.

1. Assume the domain name is "", dns server is "dnsserver", Host name of the machine for which to add AAAA record is "dnsserver" and IPv6 address of dnsserver is "fe80::212:79ff:fedb:e69"/

dnscmd dnsserver /recordadd /Aging /OpenAcl AAAA fe80::212:79ff:fedb:e69

To set timeout(20 secs) for AAAA record, run

dnscmd dnsserver /recordadd /Aging /OpenAcl 20 AAAA fe80::212:79ff:fedb:e69


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