Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Create New Zone Delegation

The following illustrates on how to add a new delegation for a child domain.

1. Assume the dns server for the root domain "myrootdns.com" is "dnsserver" and the dnsserver for the child domain "subdomain.myrootdns.com" is "mychildserver".

2. Open dns manager console using the command dnsmgmt.msc.
3. Expand dns server node "dnsserver", go to forwardlookup zone "myrootdns.com", right click on "myrootdns.com" and select new delegation.

4. Click next in the new delegation dialog.

5. Enter the domain which is to delegated. Here it is "subdomain.myrootdns.com"

6. Click Add In delegation name servers dialog.

7. Enter FQDN of the dns server to which the dns zone (subdomain) "subdomain.myrootdns.com" to be delegated.

6. Verify the name servers are entered and click next.

7. Verify settings in final summary dialog and click finish.

8. After creating the delegation, just check it's created in the dns manager console.


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