Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Create Delegation using dnscmd command

The following illustrates creating a new delegation on command line using dnscmd command.
1. Assume the dns zone to which new delegation record need to be added is "myrootdns.com", childdomain for which the delegation is to be done is "subdomain.myrootdns.com", The new authoritative server for the new delegated zone "subdomain.myrootdns.com" is to be "dnsserver", and FQDN of the "dnsserver" is "dsnserver.myrootdns.com".
Now run the following command to create new delegation.

dnscmd myrootdns.com subdomain NS dnsserver.myrootdns.com

Thus the "subdomain" node has been created in the "myrootdns.com" dns zone.


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