Saturday, January 31, 2009

RoundRobin Vs LocalNetPriority

The order of Type A records to be returned from dns server depends on the values of roundrobin and LocalNetPriority registry key. The following illustrates the scenarios and order of Type A records.

1. If LocalNetPriority reg key is set to 1 and Round-Robin key does not exist or is set to 1, then DNS server roundrobins(rotates) among Type A records it returns in LocalNetPriority order(order of IP addresses having similar subnet mask address of the querying client) .

2. If RoundRobin reg key is 0 and LocalNetPriority is 1, then the DNS server returns the records in local net priority order. Here the dns server does not rotate among returned addresses.

3. If the value of RoundRobin is 1 and the value of LocalNet Priority is 0, the DNS server roundrobins(rotates) among available Type A records which are not in local net priority order.

4. If the values of RoundRobin and LocalNetPriority are 0, then the DNS server returns the records in the order in which they were added to the database. i.e for the same query always returns the first Type A record among available records in the database.


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