Friday, January 16, 2009

Registration Refresh Interval group policy

This group policy parameter determines the Registration Refresh Interval of HOST A and PTR resource records for hosts to which this policy is applied. This policy applies to DNS client which are having dynamic update policy enabled.

If Dynamic Update and this policy enabled, DNS client hosts periodically reregister their records (HOST A and PTR records) with DNS servers, even if the hosts records’ data has not changed. This reregistration with DNS servers is required in order to remove (scavenge) stale records automatically and to preserver the resource records in the storage database.

If the DNS resource records ( A and PTR records) are registered in dns zones with scavenging enabled, then the value of this policy should be below or equal to the configured Refresh Interval value for these zones.

Warning: If the Registration Refresh Interval value is longer than the Refresh Interval of the DNS zones then that may result in the undesired deletion of HOST A and PTR resource records.

This policy may have any value >= 1800 seconds.

If this group policy is not configured then it is not applied to any hosts. To enable this policy, go through Enable Registration Refresh


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