Friday, January 16, 2009

Register PTR Records policy

The DNS Client group policy "Register PTR Records" specifies the registration of PTR resource records. "PTR" resource records map the host IP address to the host DNS name as opposed to host "A" resource records that map a host DNS name to the host IP address. Thus PTR resource records are needed for dns reverse lookup for an IP Address.

By default, DNS clients, after successful dynamic DNS registration(DynamicUpdate Policy), attempt PTR resource record registration.

To check a PTR record is exists in DNS, do the following

1. Open DNS Manager(dnsmgmt.msc) in DNS Server host, In the left pane, expand dnsserver node and go to reverse lookup zone and see any PTR records exists

If the group policy Register PTR Records is to be enabled, Then the Register PTR Records policy should be set to have one of the following values:

Do not register - This indicates hosts never attempt PTR resource records registration.

Register - This indicates hosts attempt PTR resource records registration regardless of the success of the host A records registration.
Register only if A record registration succeeds – This indicates attempt PTR resource records registration only if they successfully registered the corresponding A resource records.
If this policy is not configured, then PTR Resource Records Registration will not be applied to any hosts. To enable or disable this policy look at Enable or Disable PTR Resource Record


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