Friday, January 9, 2009

Install Domain Controller (DC) silently :Unattended

It is also possible to install Domain Controller (DC) silently using unattended file. The following shows the steps for silently installing Domain Controller using unattended file.

1. Create a file with any name say dcpromo.txt and paste the following in the file


Username = Administrator

Password = AdminPassword

UserDomain =

ReplicaOrNewDomain = NewDomain

RebootOnSuccess = no

SafeModeAdminPassword = SafeAdminPassword

SiteName = Default-First-Site-Name

2. UserName is the user account with admin credentials to be used for running DCPromo command

3. Change the [AdminPassword] with administrator password.

4. SafeAdminPassword is option if need to change, change it to any password.

5. Now run dcpromo /unattend:dcpromo.txt on command prompt.

On success, domain will be created.


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