Thursday, January 15, 2009

Group Policies for DNS client

Group Policy to configure DNS clients will amazingly simplify the configuration of the DNS clients on the Active Directory( AD )integrated domain members. Group policies will support enabling and disabling configuration settings such as Dynamic registration of the DNS records, primary dns suffix devaluation and DNS suffix search list.

Using the group policy, one can allow DNS updates only from selected hosts. For example, Only from the DC (Domain Controllers), can disable DNS records dynamic registration by the DNS clients on per-host basis,

Group Policy to configure DNS client provides thee following parameters:
1. DisableDynamicUpdate
2. SearchList
3. UseDomainNameDevolution
4. DisableReverseAddressRegistrations
5. DefaultRegistrationRefreshInterval
6. DisableReplaceAddressesInConflicts
7. DefaultTTL
8. UpdateSecurityLevel
9. NameServer
10. Domain
11. EnableAdpaterDomainNameRegistration
12. RegistrationTtl
13. UpdateSecurityLevel
14. AppendToMultiLabelName
15. UpdateTopLevelDomainZones.

The above policies are exist in windows xp, 2003 and 2008.


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