Thursday, January 15, 2009

DNS Client Dynamic Update policy

Dynamic Update: determines if dynamic update is enabled or disabled or not configured.
DNS Client Hosts configured for dynamic update will automatically register and update their DNS resource records with a DNS server.

If the policy is enabled, then DNS client hosts to which this policy is applied may use dynamic DNS registration on each of their network connections, depending on the configuration of each individual network connection. If dynamic DNS registration is to be enabled on a specific network connection, it is necessary to have proper tcp/ip and hosts configuration settings to allow dynamic DNS registration.

If this policy is disabled, then hosts may not use dynamic DNS registration for any of their network .

If this policy is not configured, then it is not applied to any hosts. However hosts can use their local configuration to do dynamic DNS registration.

Allowed values for Dynamic Update policy:
This policy may have two values: 0x0 and 0x1.
If policy is set to be enabled then the value is set to 0x1.
If policy is set to be Disabled, then the value is set to 0x0.

To enable or disable dynamic update policies, follow the links Enable Dynamic Update Policy and Disable Dynamic Update Policy


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