Sunday, February 15, 2009

RouteThrough (RT) Record

The RouteThrough record is used to bind internal hosts which didn't have direct wide are network(WAN) address to intermediate routes. This record contains two fields. A 16-bit integer used to indicate preference for each intermediate route and the domain name of the route through host.
To create RT record through dns manager snap-in, follow the below instructions.
1.Open dns manager using dnsmgmt.msc
2.In the console tree, browse to dns zone "", right click on the zone and click "new other records".
3. Select "RouteThrough(RT) Record" list item in the resource record type dialog.
4. Enter route through host and click OK in new resource record dialog.
5. Click "Done" button in resource record type dialog.
6. Verify the RouteThrough record has created in dns manager.


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