Friday, February 20, 2009

Remove Orphaned Domain

To remove a domain that was orphaned may be because the domain was forcibly removed, or the last domain controller in the domain failed to uninstall completely or improperly removed.

The following illustrates on how to remove an orphaned domain

1. Assume the domain controller (dns server) of the orphaned domain is "dnsserver2003"
2. Now run the below command to forcibly remove orphaned domain.
ntdsutil "meta clean" "s o t" conn "con to server dnsserver2003" q q

output: metadata cleanup: "s o t" "list domains"
Found 4 domain(s)
0 - DC=myrootdns2003,DC=com
select operation target: sel domain 2
select operation target: q
metadata cleanup: remove sel domain
A message will be displayed to indicate status of the removal.

Removing an orphaned domain consists of removing the domain object for the domain (e.g., dc=myrootdns2003,dc=com), all of its child(sub domains) objects, and the associated crossRef object in the Partitions container.

Note: The above is command is shortcut form of below command

 ntdsutil "metadata cleanup" "select operation target" connections "connect to server dnsserver2003" quit quit


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