Sunday, February 15, 2009

MR Record

The rename mailbox resource record represents domain mailbox which essentially the proper rename of existing mailbox name. The rename mailbox is useful in the following scenarios.

1. The renamed mailbox record can be used as a forwarder entry for a mailbox user who moved from existing mailbox to different mailbox.
2. MR records if used didn't cause additional section processing.

The following illustrates on how to create MR record.
1. Assume the dns zone to which the MR record to be added is "", existing mailbox host is "".
2. Open dns manager using the command dnsmgmt.msc.
3. In the console tree, browse to the dns zone, right click on the zone, select "other new records".

4. In the resource record type dialog, select "Rename Record(MR)" list item and click "Create record" button.

. 5. In Resource Record dialog, click browse button.

5. Browse to mailbox record and select it.

6. Verify the "replace mailbox" item in New resource record dialog and click OK.

7. Click "Done" in Resource Record Type dialog, thus Rename MailBox Record has been created.

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