Friday, February 20, 2009

Find NetBios Name of a Domain

The following illustrates on how to find NetBios name of a domain.

1. Assume the domain name ""
2. Open domain snapin using the command domain.msc.

3. Right-click the domain in the left pane and select Properties.

4. Domain Name is NetBios Name of the domain.

Net Bios name can also be viewed using LDP Snapin.

1. Open LDP on command prompt.

2. from the menu, select Connection -> Connect.

3. Enter the name of a domain controller , port 389 and click OK.
4.From LDAP menu, select Connection -> Bind.
5. Enter Domain User, Password and domain name and click OK.

6.Again From LDP menu, Select Browse -> Search
7. Enter "cn=partitions,cn=configuration, dc=myrootdns2003,dc=com", "subtree" and "(&(objectcategory=crossref)(dnsHostName=dnsserver2003)(netbiosname=*))" in BaseDN, Scope and Filter respectively.

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