Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Export reverse lookup zone using dnscmd

Do the following to export reverse lookup zone on command line. 1. Assume the primary dns server for the dns (domain controller) is "dnsserver2003" and the reverselookupzone file to be created is "reverselookupzone.dns"
2. Now run the below command to export reverselookup zone on command prompt.

dnscmd dnsserver2003 /zoneexport reverselookupzone.dns.

Output: DNS Server . exported zone to file C:\WINDOWS\system32\dns\reverselookupzone.dns Command completed successfully.

3. To export the zone from current cache, then run
dnscmd /zoneexport /cache

output:DNS Server . exported zone to file C:\WINDOWS\system32\dns\/cache
Command completed successfully.


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