Thursday, February 5, 2009

DefaultAgingState Registry Key

This registry key determines whether turn on scavenging feature by default on newly created Active Directory integrated dns zones.

Key Name: DefaultAgingState
Default value: 0
Functionality: Determines turning on scavenging on new Active Directory directory service zones.
Location: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\dns\parameters"
By default(reg value is 0), scavenging is turned off on new Active Directory integrated dns zones. Hence Dns serve won't delete any old resource records.

If the reg key is set to 1, then if any new Active Directory integrated dns zone is created, then the dns system copies this reg value in to new zone name's sub reg key Aging and then uses this sub key entry value for Aging resource records.

Note: 1.Direct Changes to reg key effective only after rebooting the machine.
2. By default, scavenging is disabled on the DNS server and on all dns zones. To enable scavenging for anydns zone, First enable it on the DNS server using ScavengingInterval reg key and on specific dns zone using Aging sub reg key.

To change DefaultAgingState, do the following
1. Assume the dns server name is "dnsserver", dns zone name is "".
2. Open DNS manager using dnsmgmt.msc command.
3. In the left panel, right click on server node "dnsserver", clcik "set Aging\Scavenging for all zones"

3. Select "Scavenge stale resource records" options and click ok.

4. In the confirmation dialog, select "Apply these settings to the existing Active Directory–integrated zones" option if one wants to update existing AD integrated dns zones.


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