Tuesday, January 13, 2009

what is DNS query

A DNS query is a question from a DNS client to resolve a domain name into an IP address. The DNS Serves in a DNS should be configured to respond to such dns queries and resolve them.

However, DNS servers can act authoritative for some domain names, slaves for others and forward queries. DNS queries are classified into following based on the way the queries resolved by DNS servers .

1. Recursive DNS Query : The complete information to the dns query is always returned. Recursive is optional for DNS servers for resolving domain names.
2. Iterative DNS Query: The complete information for the DNS query may be available. DNS servers strictly needed to support this.
3. Inverse DNS Query: This is also know as reverse ip lookup. In this IP address is resolved in to domain name
4. Multiple DNS query: In this, The DNS Servers will forward dns query to multiple secondary DNS servers to resolve the query.

nslookup is dns query tool comes with windows xp , windows 2003, vista and windows 2008 which is used to test dns query.

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Muthu Cassannova said...

Good information.I would like to share some points about DNS in simple words.

DNS means Domain Name System which helps to transfer IP address to Domain name and Domain name to IP addresses.It plays vital role in Internet technology.For Example,if you provide domain name like Google.com it convert the domain name into particular IP address.If you provide the IP address like the DNS search for the particular website and display on your browser.DNS consist of many resource records.Some of them are A record,CNAME record,DNAME record etc..
You can check DNS query using the site WhoisXY.com .

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