Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Set LocalNetPriority using dnscmd command

To enable LocalNetPriory to default mode, run the following

dnscmd.exe /config /LocalNetPriority 0x000000ff

One can verify the default mode set by quering the reg key LocalNetPriority.

dnscmd /info /LocalNetPriority

Note, In default mode, 24 most significant bits are used to find address proximity list.

To set it to windows 2000's priority mode, run

dnscmd /config /LocalNetPriority 0xffffffff.

In this mode, traditional class A type subnet mask is used to find address proximity list.

To enable LocalNetPriority to custom enhanced mode, for example, if one wants to use 8-most significant bits to for calculating "address proximity", then just set the 8 most significant bits to zero as shown below in red color.

dnscmd /config /LocalNetPriority 0x00ffffff

if one want to change it to 16-bit, then run as dnscmd /config /LocalNetPriority 0x0000ffff


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