Friday, January 16, 2009

Replace Addresses In Conflicts Group Policy

This group policy allows DNS client to register its A resource record and overwrites an existing A resource record containing conflicting IP address.

This policy apples to DNS zones that do not support Secure Dynamic Update. Secure Dynamic Update preserves ownership of resource records and does not allow a DNS client to overwrite records that are registered by other dns clients.

If this group policy is enabled, then DNS clients will attempt to replace conflicting A resource records during dynamic update.

If this group policy is disabled, then DNS clients will still perform the dynamic update of A resource records, but if the DNS client attempts to update A resource records containing conflicts, this attempt will fail and an error will be recorded in the Event Viewer log.

This policy may have two values: 0x0 and 0x1.
If policy is Enabled then value is set to 0x1.
If policy is Disabled, then value is set to 0x0.


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