Sunday, January 25, 2009

IsSlave Registry key

This registry key determines on how to behave when the dns server does not receive a response to a query which it has forwarded.

The registry key is located HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNS\Parameters

Value: IsSlave
Type: DWORD (Boolean)
Default: Not a slave

value 0: Not a slave. If the forwarder do not respond, the DNS server issues standard iterative queries to try to resolve the remote names unless NoRecursion reg key is set to 0 and in the dns query RecursiveBit is set to 1 in which case, DNS falls back to recursive query resolution.

value 1: If the forwarder dns servers do not respond, then the DNS server terminates the search and sends a SERVER_FAILURE response to the dns client which has send the query.

1. IsSlave is used only when forwarding is enabled and atleast one valid forwarder IP address exists for Slave DNS Server.

2. To change the value of this reg key, Open DNS Console, Select dns server node, right click on server node, click properties, go to forwarders tab in properties dialog, select Do not use recursion. Doing so, reg key change will be effective without the need to restart the DNS server.

3. If the DNS Server uses BIND file, then the value of Slave field in the BIND file is taken over the value of isSlave in registry entry.

4. By default, The reg key does not exist.


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