Saturday, January 17, 2009

DNS Update Security Level Group policy

By default, no security is applied to dynamic updates of DNS resource records. But if this policy is enabled with various options, then secure dynamic update or standard dynamic update for registration of DNS records is applied.

This policy can be enabled with three option values only secure, only unsecure and unsecure followed by secure.

only Securewith only secure option, client hosts send secure dynamic updates only,

Only Unsecure - if this option is chosen then computers send only non-secure dynamic updates but unsecure dynamic updates may be refused by dns servers.

Unsecure followed by secure - if this option is chosen then client computers send secure dynamic updates only when non-secure dynamic updates are refused.

If this policy is disabled
If this policy is not configured then it is not applied to any host computers and host computers use their local configuration. To enable this policy on command line, visit
Enable Update Security Level through command line


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