Friday, January 16, 2009

DNS Client Group Policy : Primary DNS Suffix Devolution

This group policy allows the DNS client to perform primary DNS suffix devolution in name resolution process.

This policy applies only If "DNS Suffix Search List" policy is disabled or "DNS Suffix Search List" policy is not configured and "local host don't have local dns suffix
configuration "
either through network connections settings or through DHCP configured.

Local network connections can be configured to have "DNS Suffix Search List" as shown below.
Thus if none of the above "Suffix Search List" is specified and "Primary DNS Suffix" ,"Connection-Specific DNS suffix" fails in name resolution and If this policy is enabled, then the client devolves the Primary DNS Suffix of the host name (drops the leftmost label of the Primary DNS Suffix) and attaches this devolved Primary DNS suffix to the single-label name, and submits this new query to the DNS server.

For example, if the primary DNS suffix is attached to the non‑dot terminated single label name “mydnsserver” and the DNS query for fails, then DNS client devolves the primary DNS suffix (drops the leftmost label i.e drops "myrootdns" label), and submits a query for If this query fails, the primary DNS suffix is devolved further not less than two label names and sends DNS query.

If this policy is disabled, then DNS clients on the hosts to which this policy is applied will not attempt to devolve DNS query even if query fails.

if this policy is not configured then it is not applied to any hosts and hosts use their local configuration.

This policy may have two values: 0x0 and 0x1.
To Enable the policy set the value to 0x1.
To Disable the policy set the value to 0x0.


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