Saturday, January 10, 2009

create new child domain

The following setup shows on how to add a child(sub) domain in to an existing domain with the help of Active Directory Installation wizard in windows 2003.

1. Assume the parent domain is "mydnstest" and child domain which is to be created is child.mydnstest.
2. run dcpromo command on command prompt.

3. Click next in Active Directory installation wizard.

4. Click next in Operating System Compatibility wizard

5. Select "Domain Controller for new domain" in Domain Controller Dialog and click next.

6. Select "Child Domain in existing domain tree" option in create new domain wizard and click next.

7. Enter the user name, password and the child domain name child.mydnstest.

8. Enter child domain name "child" in Child Domain installation dialog and click next.

8. Enter the child domain netbios name "child" and click next in "Netbios Domain Name" dialog.

9. Enter DB and log location (optinal) in "Database and Log Folders" dialog and click next.

10. Enter the system volume location (optional) in "Share System Volume" dialog and click next.

11. Click next in "DNS Regressions Diagonstics" dialog.

12. Select "Permissions compatible only with windows 2003 or windows sever 2003 operating systems" in Permissions dialog and click next.

13. Enter Administrator password in Directory Services Restore mode administrator password dialog and click next.

14.Verify the summary dialog and click next.

15. Thus completes creating child domain child.mydnstest.

To Uninstall the same, visit UnInstall Subdomain DNS .


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