Saturday, January 24, 2009

Create DNS Global Names Zone

To following illustrates adding global zone to a dnsserver called "dnsserver"

1. Open dns snap in manager by using command mgmt.msc on windows 2008.
2. In the console tree, right click on the server node "dnsserver" and click "new zone" menu item.

3. In the new zone wizard dialog click next.
4. In the new zone type, select the type of zone to created, here select primary
and also select "store zone in active directory" if one wants to create global names zone in the active directory.

5. In the replication scope dialog, select "To all DNS servers in this domain" if one wants change it all dns server in the forest then, select "To Dns Servers in this forest".

6. In the forward or reverse lookup zone dialog, select forward lookup zone and click next

7. Type "GlobalNames" in the zone name dialog.

8. Select "SecureDynamicUpdates" option in the dynamic update dialog

9. Verify the summary dialog and click finish.

10. After completing the installation of new globalnames zone, veriy in the dns manager the globalnames zone exists.


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