Friday, January 23, 2009

Connection Specifix DNS Suffix Group Policy

This policy supersedes the connection-specific DNS suffixes of the computers which are configured locally or configured using DHCP.

To Enable Connection Specifix DNS Suffix Group Policy, do the following.

1. open gpedit.msc on command prompt.
2. In the group policy wizard, browse to the node Computer Configuration - > Admininstrative Templates -> Network -> DNS Client, in the right panel, right click on "Connection Specific DNS Suffix" and select "properties" menu item

3. In the connection specific dns suffix properties dialog, select enabled, enter connection-specific suffix "" and press apply and finally click OK.

If this policy is disabled
, then Connection Specific DNS Suffix policy is not used.

If this policy is not configured, it is not applied to any computers, and computers use their locally configured or DHCP configured connection specific dns suffixes.

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