Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can't join domain using NetBIOS name

The " Can not join domain using NetBIOS name" errors occurs when a DNS tries to join domain controller (DC) using NetBIOS name, and receives the message: “A domain controller for the domain could not be contacted”.
However if using FQDN (Full Qualified Domain name) joins the domain. Then it confirms that the host computer unable to revolve the NetBIOS Name of DC.

To Resolve this problem do the following:
a) If the WINS server exists,
1. Apply WINS settings on both DNS server and DNS client.

2. Check there exists the DC record in the WINS server.
b) if WINS server doesn't exists
1. Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

2. Check the Primary DNS Suffix (ex. applied on the DNS client.


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